1 month
6 month (10% off)
1 year (15% off)


72557659269916995499469964.80495068.4053102429.101529104949.1042291061.20467564.6050152294.151444154674.15399415$UAHRUB Per month

  • Unique visitors: 45000
  • Your domains: 30
  • Super domains: 2
  • SMS: 500
  • Landing Pages:
  • For 1 month: 55For 1 month: 59For 1 month: 1699For 1 month: 4699For 6 month (10% off): 297For 6 month (10% off): 318.60For 6 month (10% off): 9174.60For 6 month (10% off): 25374.60For 1 year (15% off): 561For 1 year (15% off): 601.80For 1 year (15% off): 17329.80For 1 year (15% off): 47929.80$UAHRUB


332036249995992499199929.701832.402160899.10539102249.1017991028.051730.602040849.15509152124.15169915$UAHRUB Per month

  • Unique visitors: 15000
  • Your domains: 12
  • Super domains: 1
  • SMS: 150
  • Landing Pages:
  • For 1 month: 20For 1 month: 24For 1 month: 599For 1 month: 1999For 6 month (10% off): 108For 6 month (10% off): 129.60For 6 month (10% off): 3234.60For 6 month (10% off): 10794.60For 1 year (15% off): 204For 1 year (15% off): 244.80For 1 year (15% off): 6109.80For 1 year (15% off): 20389.80$UAHRUB


1719529159915301710476101439101445161544965135915$UAHRUB Per month

  • Unique visitors: 7500
  • Your domains: 6
  • Super domains: 0
  • SMS: 50
  • Landing Pages:
  • For 1 month: 17For 1 month: 19For 1 month: 529For 1 month: 1599For 6 month (10% off): 91.80For 6 month (10% off): 102.60For 6 month (10% off): 2856.60For 6 month (10% off): 8634.60For 1 year (15% off): 173.40For 1 year (15% off): 193.80For 1 year (15% off): 5395.80For 1 year (15% off): 16309.80$UAHRUB


109911993199999891079287108991093410192711584915$UAHRUB Per month

  • Unique visitors: 1000
  • Your domains: 1
  • Super domains: 0
  • SMS: 0
  • Landing Pages:
  • For 1 month: 10.99For 1 month: 11.99For 1 month: 319For 1 month: 999For 6 month (10% off): 59.35For 6 month (10% off): 64.75For 6 month (10% off): 1722.60For 6 month (10% off): 5394.60For 1 year (15% off): 112.10For 1 year (15% off): 122.30For 1 year (15% off): 3253.80For 1 year (15% off): 10189.80$UAHRUB


000000000000$UAHRUB Per month

  • Unique visitors: 100
  • Your domains: 0
  • Super domains: 0
  • SMS: 0
  • Landing Pages:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What landing page options does the paid tariff include?
  • A/B split testing.
  • CRM – requests and calls accounting.
  • Comebacker – the tool to reduce  the bounce rate.
  • Purchase funnel.
  • Integration with Yandex and Google analytics and tools for webmasters.
  • SEO settings.
  • Landing page cloning and a host of other things.

Read the list of all options on Landing Page Features.

What is a free tariff?

A free tariff — is a reduction of a commercial tariff meaning that all functions are available but may be limited.
The tariff is appropriate for those who wish to

  • Receive first requests via the Internet.
  • Test Lpg.tf features.
  • Prepare the landing page for the beginning of advertising campaign.
  • Create a one-page website free.
What is the difference of free accounts?

In paid accounts you can

  • activate your custom domain,
  • increase the limit of visits,
  • remove advertising links,
  • receive guidelines for the increase of your landing page conversion rate.

Find out more on FAQs page.

What will happen when 30 days of free tariff are over?

Upon completion of a 30-day period the free tariff will be activated automatically. And if the quota of impressions is not exceeded the landing page displaying will not be suspended.

Can I change to another tariff at any time?

Yes, you can change to any other tariff plan (larger or smaller) at any time. If the quota is not exceeded the tariff will be activated upon completion of the paid period or it may be activated manually and in this case visits and operation time summarize.

What will happen if the limit of visits within the free tariff is over?

If the sum of visits of all your landing pages exceeds the limit, then your landing pages will become temporarily unavailable.
They will be activated automatically in the next period (30 days) or immediately upon increase of tariff (with a greater number of visits).

And what if my account reaches the limit within the paid tariff?

If you run out of the limit of visits within your paid tariff, then the free tariff will be activated automatically and additional visits will be charged. For example, your tariff includes 7,500 visits, then upon exhaustion of the limit you will still have 100 visits within the free tariff.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept any standard cards: Master Card, Visa, etc. via Liqpay, as well as cashless transfers, Privat24, WalletOne, payment terminals, etc. Don`t you find your favorite payment system? Do not worry, contact our support teamand they will find a way out.

Can I close my account at any time?

Yes, you can, no need to worry! Try all features of Lpg.tf service and if you are unsure you can cancel your account at any time. Since we do not ask for any information on your credit card, we take no money. Write to our e-mail and you will stop receiving messages.

What is a custom (user) domain?

A custom domain is your personal URL (for instance, example.com) that may be used for landing pages. With custom domains you can create company`s branded links. Every plan allows you to add different number of domains for use.

What is a Comebacker and how does it increase the conversion rate?

Does it happen sometimes that customers visit your website and close it at once? If you know such a situation, then activate free of charge the Comebacker option that works as follows: your landing page estimates visitor`s behavior and as soon as he decides to close the website a window (with fields for phone number and e-mail) pops up.
Additionally, activate the second level of the Comebacker and it will work right at the moment when a user clicks to close the tab.
The dialogue box is in sharp contrast with the main website, therefore it attracts attention. The conversion rate of this function is +0,5-15%.

Do you still have any questions?